Scaleaway SW :

Scaleaway SW is a low phosphorous Antiscalant for use in potable sea-water Reverse Osmosis and Nano-Filtration systems, both large and small. By inhibiting all scaling species, Scaleaway SW allows systems to be designed and operated at high rates of recovery. Significant capital and operational cost savings can be made by reducing the amount of feed water used and concentrate to be discharged.


Scaleaway SI is a general purpose liquid antiscalant & antifoulant for use in Reverse Osmosis and Nano- filtration systems. This concentrated phosphonate product is effective against a wide range of inorganic scaling species and also sequesters trivalent metal cations such as iron, manganese and aluminium thus reducing the frequency of membrane replacement and cleaning.

Scaleaway SI has proven to be effective at that systems can be designed and operated at their optimum recovery rates.

By reducing the amount of feed water used and concentrate to be discharged, significant savings can be made to both capital and operational costs.


Scaleaway 111 is a low pH liquid cleaner designed to remove metal foulants such as iron, manganese, and aluminum as well as calcium carbonate scale deposits from thin film composite membranes. Scaleaway 111 is buffered to prevent the pH limits of a membrane being exceeded in the event of misapplication.


Introduction: Scaleaway 112 has been developed as general-purpose membrane cleaner for an extensive range of organic based foulants founding Reverse Osmosis and Nano-filtration membrane systems. Scaleaway 112 is particularly effective against aluminum silicate, which can be difficult to remove with conventional cleaners.


Scaleaway Bio is a non-oxidizing RO Membrane biocide are effective non- oxidizing micro biocide for disinfectant of RO Membrane.

Scaleaway Bio is a fast acting, broad-spectrum biocide used for cleaning reverse osmosis filtration membranes. It can be used both on and off-line to eliminate microbiological fouling for industrial applications. Scaleaway Bio is also effective in removing biofilm from pumps, tanks and pipework. Best results are obtained when Scaleaway Bio is used at a pH 5.5 – 7.0. Residual Scaleaway Bio can be deactivated to harmless by-products by using sodium bisulfite. Scaleaway Bio is readily biodegraded in the environment; the degradation rate is enhanced at increasing pH and temperature.

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