Scaleaway 11 is an all-organic and inorganic blend of antiscalants and polymeric dispersants to provide excellent control over mineral foulants in industrial evaporative cooling water systems. Besides preventing scale formation and deposition, it also helps in removing existing scales, when used under specified conditions. It contains state of the art latest polymers to exhibits excellent control over iron fouling & provides excellent inhibition of orthophosphate and reconditions it to afford synergistic corrosion control. It permits high levels of hardness salts in water enabling to operate the system at high cycles of concentration. It is effective over a wide range of ph.

When used with corrosion inhibitors, it offers total control over corrosion, scaling and non-biological fouling giving 'OPTIMUM' performance of a system. Water treated with Scaleaway 11 is safe to discharge in effluent without any pollution problems.


Scaleaway 31 Scaleaway 31 acts as biocide that is based on the oxidizing source of Bromine for the control of biofilm deposits and biofouling. Scaleaway 31 inhibits the microbiological growth and eliminates existing micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae. It is also active in the control of Legionella pneumophila bacteria, which causes Legionnaire’s disease (Legionellosis). Due to its oxidizing power, it creates leaks in the membrane and blocks their enzymatic activity. SRB control is also achieved and maintained effectively at desired ORP (oxidation reduction potential) due to the addition of Scaleaway 31. If dosed in suitable amount, there’s no micro-organism that can resist Scaleaway 31 Thus, it can be used as fungicide, algaecide, slimicide and micro biocide that help to control the biofilm deposits and biofouling. Addition of Scaleaway 31 leads to reduced microbially induced corrosion (MIC).

The product exhibits strong alkaline properties in water solution, in which it easily dissolves in all proportions. Scaleaway 31 yields to improved results in alkaline cooling systems. The solutions are compatible with commonly used materials of construction of cooling systems. As it is easily degraded in non-toxic and non-harmful components, it does not create any threat for the effluent plant.


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